Crystal Fairy
Hello beautiful people.
My name is Vikka & i'm Russian.
Current location: UK.
If you are scrolling through my blog, i love you.
Have a good day.
Kik me:n0rthen_lights

an actual photo of me this summer

Nomi Chi

Double headed Alibino Milk Snake

from my rotten body flowers will grow

and I am in them, and that is eternity

seriously my favorite gif ever

tattoo blog
7 -
Broken Tolerance
Anonymous said: hey, whats that one gif you posted from? the one where its close up on a guys mouth singing and running his hands over his face, he has lip piercings and hand tattoos and theres like flashy lights...weird description i know, but idk how else to say it :x

It’s from a music video called Creatures by Motionless in White


Suicide Silence 02 - All Stars Tour 2012 (by Monster Moments)
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